Saturday, January 30, 2010


I had the lovely experience of writing a journal entry for my Ethnic Diversity class this week. It had to be a first person account about a time and place in history, of an incident that affected 'me' in a negative way. I wrote about the hanging of 38 Sioux Indians in Mankato, Minnesota in 1862.

Lets just say I was freaking out about this assignment because 1. history and I just don't get along very well; 2. I never made up a 'story' before, and 3. how am I going to pretend to be someone else???? Well, I researched, found some very interesting stuff and wrote. We had to cite our sources which made making up the story a bit easier.

I've never done a journal entry other than my lazy little blips here or on a piece of notebook paper. So, I got my grade back tonight and was pleasantly surprised to find that I got exclamation points and major kudos from the instructor and so far a perfect grade.

It's been a grueling week in this class discussing stereotyping and prejudice. People certainly like to believe they are the most diverse people in the world but what's most amazing is the stereotypes and prejudice they use without even realizing it. I know I've done it a lot in my life and will continue to do so because it's such a normal thing in society. I think this class will be very interesting and will test me a great deal. And in some very odd and surprising way I will enjoy it!

My other class is a business communications class that I've already been frustrated with but will hopefully ace all the same. I am really enjoying my schooling this time. I'm actually getting a lot out of it. My academic writing skills are certainly improving. That's not saying much for my blog entries but I don't have to be formal here, I can be whatever mood I want to be so it's a nice break!

The kids are all doing wonderful, Pat is perfect as am I....not perfect in the perfect sense but in my sense he's perfect. Animals are all great...Our WeeMan is oh so cute. Life is still as pathetically boring as you always read about here.

Just thought I would put up a little post so I can say I didn't neglect my 'glob' as my mom so lovingly calls it...every time I think of that I laugh.

Now it's time to kick back and wait and see what might happen this week that may warrant a post....hope it's more exciting than all this! Have a great night all

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