Sunday, September 06, 2009

Where there's a will there is most definitely a way!!!

I have found a way to fish!!! Hook, bobber, and a big fat sucker minnow! Thought I would see how things went last night and I wound up catching the biggest fish of the night...1 3/4 lb. bass. Of course I didn't do it all myself..I set the hook, then our son came and took my pole and battled it until it got stuck in the weeds and then Pat took over and wrestled it out of the weeds to the shore. I call it the community fish and only take partial credit...the boys get some too for helping me with my gimp hand.

The men in my life have been treating me like a queen; putting my bait on, casting, getting knots out, making me dinner, cleaning my kitchen....It certainly does remind me how much I am loved! Thanks boys.

Now it's off to bed cuz we're going fishing in the morning! AGAIN!!!! Summer is almost over so have to get in as much as we can.....have a wonderful night all.....

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