Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering September 11th, 2001

September 11th will always be burned in me. A certain sadness encompasses me and follows me around beginning on September 10th. This morning, while looking around for an article commemorating this day, I was terribly sad to see that I had to dig. As with most things in history, this event will also be buried in America's archives as an event in history. Not surprising really but sad because I swear that horrible feeling in my gut from that day returns with a vengeance every September 11. Today is no different, even 8 years later.

What this day represents for our country, for our military, for those who lost loved ones so suddenly in those is still a rock in my gut.

Please take some time today to remember, to say a prayer for all those lost--military and victims in the Twin Towers--it is but a moment of our undivided attention to give to families like yours and mine, an unselfish act that may not bring them back but to remind each and every one of us that it only takes a moment to change a life forever.

God Bless America!

US troops in Afghanistan remember 9/11 attacks amid waning support for eight-year war

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