Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Punishment for the beasts and the bus driver too!!!!

UPDATE: Students in Belleville school bus attack are charged

One commenter pointed out that if the victim had been a black or homosexual, this would have been called a hate crime. Any thoughts on that????? I tend to agree with that because people believe that anything against an African American or a homosexual is in fact an automatic hate crime and those who attacked should be charged with the works. I don't care what the reason was but I do think that people have issues with violence that aren't always due to another persons race or gender preferences. If a person is a homophobe then charge them that way, if a person is a racist than charge them that way but if a person is just a jerk who can't control some insane urge because they find some sick twisted pleasure in beating others then it is what it is...don't label everything against a black man/woman or homosexual a friggin' hate crime. Otherwise I may just have to start screamning 'HATE CRIME' when I see something like this!!!!! Waaaah!

Little BRATS!!!! Hope they get what's coming to 'em. (if the victim provoked this, he should be punished as well, don't get me wrong here) Of course in the past the blacks were treated this very way so I can't completely go off on this at a racial slant because back then it was wrong too...it's irritating no matter what race a person is when others decide they 'just don't want to sit next to another'. One commentor stated that the victim is a nerd....what the hell does that have to do with anything?????

And where is the bus driver??? I hear him yelling but what is he doing continuing to drive after that first attack? Are they directed to just yell and keep driving in this sort of situation???????

My kids have come home with some stories of their bus rides to and from school. They've been in shouting matches, name calling, threats...all sorts of things. The most the bus driver has done is tell the kids to shut-up or have them change seats! Our kids have been told that if there is any problems on the bus, they are to come to us and we will take care of them, the problem, and the non-responsive bus driver. Fun times! It's not easy putting any one of them on that bus every morning, kids in this area are getting worse every year.

The respect factor in this country is crap!!! The adults are no better when they encourage their kids to bully and be little shits! I have witnessed parents doing this and cannot believe my ears yet they are the first people who demand respect and claim innocence when their kids are the ones getting into trouble. Double standards ..... wow.

Change needs to start with the adults because the children of this world are out of control!!!

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