Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bugged again

Wow...I go to work for a couple days at the school and end up at the doctor's office today. Why? Well, woke up Sunday a few times in the early A.M. with the inklings of a nagging sore throat and then when I got up for the day, I started to feel progressively worse. Stuffed up mostly but sort of miserable.

I went to work yesterday and my nose began running like a faucet. I cannot even count how many times I blew and washed my hands. Working with kids certainly has it's moments when it comes to health issues. I had a hell of a year last year and that was with the flu shot.

So, I went to the doc to have the last stitch removed from my wrist...I had all of the taken out last week but discovered they had forgotten on...talk about painful. The stitch removal last week was way worse than the recovery for this let me tell ya.

After I got the stitch removed I went to meet Pat at our daughters tennis match. All the while, I had noticed that I was starting to feel worse and worse. As I tried to sit through the match, my body started aching, my head started to feel like it was going to explode and I was not doing well. I ended up leaving the match early to come home and go to bed. (GD#3 won both her matches, she's having a hell of a season on the court!!!)

I took my temp when I got home...it was 100.4 or something...the highest it got was 100.8. I was freezing, aching, weepy, just plain miserable. The cough I had was minor throughout the day but by 8:00, I was scared. This whole damn flu scare thing settled in and because I was so miserable and weepy I started to fear that I was going to be seriously ill.

Pat was pumping medicine and soup and water in me, checking in on me every 1/2 hour, he couldn't sleep last night because of how horrible I sounded and he was worried sick about me...it just wasn't a good situation. (but man I love him) With both of us working within school districts I think this might add to our concerns.

So I went to the doc. They did the H1N1 flu swab on me and it came back negative...for now. She was very clear that this could change. I have wheezing in my lungs, I still had a fever, my cough is horrible, my nasal passage on one side is swollen...I'm just an overall mess. Now remember, this only started on Sunday and it's only Tuesday...it took exactly 1 1/2 days to get this bad...less actually.

I have to go back in on Thursday if there is no marked improvement because I'm at a higher risk for pneumonia because I recently had surgery/anesthesia. Great...I'm feeling better tonight than I did last night but still not great. I've been ordered off work with a doctor's note for the next 7 days. I just can't sleep because one of my medicines disturbs sleeping....how am I supposed to get rest if I can't due to a medication? Take Benedryl before bed, that's how....I have 5 different medications that I have to take...they weren't cheap but while I was looking at the cost of them vs. me being hospitalized, cost seemed unimportant. My daughter thought so too....

So here's to a speedy recovery...hopefully!

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