Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Is it August yet?

It's been pretty crazy buzy around this household! So much going on, not much time to breathe! Planning for 2 grad parties, a baptism, a graduation ceremony next Friday, proms and birthdays that have been and gone, soccer tournaments, sickness, soccer practices, trip to San Francisco, re-taking senior pictures, taking prom pictures, more soccer stuff, the end of the school year which brings with it another new schedule of events and activities, another birthday just around the corner which will be a trip to Valley Fair, work, meetings, catching up on emails from days ago, ummmm, friends and fishing, gardening, addressing, stamping, stuffing and mailing invites while attending soccer practices, waiting on address', ummmmmm, babysitting our wee grandbaby, kids having mri's and possible knee surgery, windows getting hit with some damn punks favorite passtime...bb guns, some jerk-off stalking our 13 year old daughter....did I miss anything? Probably but that has been and will be what life has been around this house.

Good grief, that isn't including all the errands in between, or all the things racing through our minds trying to keep up as well as keep it straight. Great example of how frazzled we are here? Pat was just about to head out the door for his soccer practice when the assistant coach called and asked him if practice was tonight or Thursday...turns out practice is actually on Thursday so tonight, there will only be our daughter in attendance as well as the asst. coaches daughter unless of course some who may have listened on Sunday to him saying..."See ya Tuesday". Needless to say, Pat walked out that door cussing and saying to me...I just can't keep all this shit straight! Is it no wonder I feel like crawling into a hole to hibernate for the next couple months?

Our daughter's grad ceremony is next Friday...gawd did that creep up on us fast...then the week after, the family graduation party with her and two of her cousins..all graduating this year. The trio. I'm looking forward to that one being over because then it will put a big dent in our to-do list and make me feel like some progress is being made in the busy department! Although I have to immediately start planning for the party we'll have here for her that will include her friends and our close friends.....Going outside the norm and hosting the party on a Friday I think. Bonfire, relaxation.....considering June is jam packed with all sorts of things, it will be nice to have some of our friends out to kick back with and feel somewhat human for a night.

Our grandson is getting baptized this weekend...there is a small window this weekend for Pat and I to maybe have a nice dinner and enjoy some time just the two of us with no soccer obligations. Memorial weekend....ahhhhh, long weekend. Can't wait to just have a couple days.

In the midst of my mind going 2 thousand miles a minute, I stopped to remember something.....we have a vacation coming up in August! Wow, that seems like an eternity away! Of course we have a San Francisco trip coming up as well however Pat will have to spend a lot of time working during that trip but hey, it will allow me some time to collect my thoughts and relax for a few days. Am I excited about that trip???? I'll tell you a week before we leave cuz I don't have the damn time to even think about it! I'm in the process of discussing with my friend how to obtain tickets for the cheapest possible price cuz she knows these things...That's something else I've been doing...trying to figure out the trip, finances, and luggage situation....OMG.....is there really going to be an August this year??????? I certainly do hope so!

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