Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

As I sit here pondering how I will spend my day, in which order things will get done, in the back of my mind lurks what today is really all about! Honoring those in the military who have sacrificed so much; families, servicemen and women. It reminds me how very lucky we are to be here, to be free, here to enjoy our children, my husband, our grand baby, the beauty that surrounds us, to be able to love and hate openly, to be able to speak our minds however and whenever we feel. It reminds me of what a beautiful country we all really live in and how much in this life so many take for granted.

Are the deaths of those who fought for what I enjoy so much all for nothing? In our home, it is a day to remember, it is a day to honor, it is a day to look around and relish the very freedoms that most days even we take for granted. I hope there are others out there who will take a moment to bow your head in a moment of silence and thank those very selfless, honorable men and women who see the reason for what they do, who do so with pride and bravery no matter what the end result will be. It is but a small token of our appreciation, but to those in the military it could mean a reminder that there are people in this world that care and recognize the magnitude of what it is these men and women really do.

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