Monday, March 30, 2009


So life has been moving at super speed for us lately. Can't keep up with it most days. Work, kids, errands, workshops, parties....Calgon, take me away.

A few weeks ago, we celebrated our sons 10th birthday. Had a bowling party with 7 other boys. Wow was that an adventure. We haven't had a b-day party for our kids in quite a few years. I used to go hog wild for their parties, I now know why I stopped. Exhausting. Truth be told? We had a lot of fun and our son was overjoyed.

This past Saturday we had a baby shower. About 50 people showed up all told. I have to say...I am overjoyed that it's over. The stress leading up to that day was more than I like to feel. Couldn't sleep, cranky.....ugh. But the party was a huge success and all those who helped out I have a VERY BIG THANK YOU FOR! We had it at my moms.

It was strange but yet, I shouldn't be surprised with my siblings. The day I called my mom to ask her if she wanted to host the shower at her place was the day I seemed to not have to lift much of a finger. Honestly, I was a bit irritated at times because Pat and I had planned on doing most of the work that needed to be done but each time I would call my mom, this was already done, that was completed, this was moved, that was cleaned up, this was taken care of.....I guess I should know better eh? LOL We are very appreciative for all the hard work that was put into this to make it a success for our daughter, her fiance, and our grandson.....oh, hey, I neglected to mention that our daughter is now engaged! Woohoo!!!!!! No date yet but plans are in the making! They are all doing great and working hard to make a family and a life....couldn't be more proud of them!

So much has been going on in our lives lately that I cannot even keep up anymore. I'm exhausted. Pat's exhausted. We're just dying to go fishing again...some peace and quiet will be so nice. Soccer season is gearing up rapidly. Our two younger ones are both on traveling teams as usual and we are really excited for that to start even though it drains so much of our time. But it's great to sit on the sidelines and watch the kids progress.

In the midst of all the busy though looms a certain darkness. The one year anniversary is quickly approaching...thoughts of my father have been fogging my happy thoughts, the 6th of April marks the beginning of his struggles to the end. Tears have been coming and going, moods have been messed up, sleep has been little....sometimes I feel that it will be harder to approach this day than it was to see the progression only a year ago.

Hopefully though, once this hurdle is met, things will even out and it won't be so difficult in the future. The blessings in our life right now..our strong marriage, our new grandson, our kids growing, and thriving, health, our jobs...those things I am forever grateful for. For distracting my thoughts, for just being. The loss is much greater than I anticipated, the adjustment much harder than I day at a time....

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