Friday, March 20, 2009

Better get used to it I guess

I really don't need to elaborate on this whole thing and I won't bore you with my venom but I will say one thing....apology or not, I find this to be a very degrading, disturbing and disgusting thing the President of the United States could do! What sort of person is this that is representing this country????? As those dems would so proudly point out in the days of the Bush administration......."I didn't vote for this guy!" What a ______________! (fill in the blank!)

You've got Sarah Palin who has a special needs child throwing in her two cents....can't imagine how this comment made the millions of parents feel out there who have to live with, care for and tend to their special needs children and adults.

And the best for last? The man who will make Obama eat those words, Michigan's Kolan McConiughey, speaking his peace.........nothing more needs to be said........

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