Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Valentine's Day for our History Book

About 2 weeks ago, hubby texted me that we were going on a date for Valentines Day. I later called him and he told me that he wanted me to dress up. He wanted me to go out and purchase a dress....a black cocktail dress. He also added that he was going to be wearing his dress clothes...Wow.

Now most who know me know that I live in jeans and sweatshirts...frumpy. Needless to say, for as much as I dreaded the thought of dressing up, I was very excited and nervous. I have been one big ball of nerves for this whole occasion and my girls were laughing at me every time I would text them with a question or a concern about it. I honestly felt like I was going on my first date or something for pete's sake! Pretty pathetic really.

Why I was nervous I don't know, perhaps it was the gentle demands, for lack of a better word, to dress in a nice dress. A skirt wouldn't do. Or maybe it was how he worded that we were going on a date, or maybe it was the fact that we have not been out to a nice romantic dinner in years not to mention I don't remember a time where he had requests about what he would like to see me wear, or maybe this or matter though.

I did find a dress and it actually didn't take as long as I thought it would. Shoes were just another thing. Me in heels???? Now that's laughable too. Thankfully Pat showed up at the shoe store and helped me with that one. It was bad enough we had to call up a woman who dresses nice all the time and ask about the proper shoe etiquette. Yes, we had to call someone....go ahead and laugh but in the end, it was probably a great way to break up what was a really horrible day for her. She got a great laugh out of it....I'm always up for making a persons day with my lack of knowledge in certain areas.

While I had all the appropriate clothing and footwear for this occasion, I was still a bundle of nerves. Gawd, why???? I did my nails, I curled my hair, took my time putting on makeup and in the end, as usual, I ran out of time and had to throw on my dress in a rush, my nylons and shoes and grab my jewelery and put that on in the truck....I really had no time to even look in the mirror after I had everything on....good grief. Probably a good thing though because I would have probably found every little thing that was wrong with this hair or that hair, or this color eyeshadow or, or, or....

The dinner was fantastic. The place we went to only had 2 seating times, and Pat chose the earlier one so we were able to take our time and relax. They prepared a very romantic atmosphere, with low lights and candles. They had a special menu and had a special soup for the night that was out of this world. The salads were covered with a citrus dressing, we were able to pick our main course which of course we chose the prime rib. They had also chose the dessert for us which was interestingly delicious and not something that I would chose normally and it was served with champagne. In the end the dinner couldn't have been more perfect. We sat and enjoyed the last of our drinks, then went off to figure out how to kill some time before we went home. Living where we do, that tends to be difficult since there isn't much to do around here...we were actually considering bowling....

We capped our night off with a beer and came home. It was just an all around very nice romantic night out. Patrick looked absolutely over the top handsome in his shirt and tie and dress pants and was nothing but a gentleman the entire night.

As some know he landed what is the best job of his life thus far back in December. It has created many changes in our lives. Ones that have been very difficult to adjust to. All the struggles and stress of our past have been slow in leaving us. Perhaps my nerves were due to the idea that for once in our life, we are free to enjoy things a little bit, free to live a life that we have only talked about.

All the same, I woke up today after a very fitful nights sleep feeling very content and very blessed and thankful. I have a husband who adores me, we have four great kids, and we finally have the opportunity to live. Wow, what a concept that is......thank you for a great and memorable Valentine's Day Patrick.

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