Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Why should this even be something the president needs to consider???? What reason would anyone have to WANT to see the coffins of our fallen service members????? Political reasons of course and some who would like to pay their respects but really, these soldiers and their families deserve the privacy to mourn. I've seen over the years how the left has disrespected our military men and women and I find it completely repulsive and disgraceful to the point of nausea!

If a family wants to display their dead soldier to the world, take a photo and display it on the internet. That sounds VERY harsh and heartless and for that I apologize however, that this is even something that the president is CONSIDERING just upsets is NOT our right to look at the coffins of men and women who have sacrificed for our lives. It is not our RIGHT to ogle the grief or to 'see what war does'. It is our right to say our silent prayers and hope for the safety of those who sacrifice so much for us!

Frankly, it's completely twisted that anyone would WANT to photograph such and 'event'.

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