Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Man does this weather SUCK! Global Warming my butt......this is as far from the world melting as I have seen in a very long time! Black ice, so cold my dog turned into a ballerina while enjoying a morning romp in the snow while I started my truck and had a smoke, so cold it sounds like glass cracking when a car drives down the road that has snow on it......

The older I get the MORE I want to move south for a few months. While I love to look at winter, love those slow snowfalls with the big snowflakes or how the snow sticks to the pine's the cold that is really making me hate this time of year more and more every year! Especially this has been BRUTAL!

Anyway....much to do this evening so must wrap this up.

Will be back in a few days..........when it's warm perhaps!

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