Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The boy who will change our world

Inauguration day or not, Pat and I are officially grandparents now.....OMG! And in defense of his birth day, by looking at this picture this little guy looks none to happy with it.

Our daughter is in good shape although quite exhausted. It was a grueling day for the poor thing....not to mention she's been having contractions for the last 3 weeks, been in and out of the hospital hooked up to monitors, was only going on about 3 hours of sleep the past 2 nights, being told they would induce her or break her water only to be told a couple hours later that they decided not to and then sent home....frustration, anger, irritation...I know how I feel, I cannot imagine how much worse these empty promises were for her and her fiance. Couldn't be more proud of them for the hell they've endured only to deliver this pretty little boy.

The little guy, cute as a button. Sadly we didn't get to hold him because he was under the heating lamp. So we oohed and ahhed for about a 1/2 hour and left the kids to do what they needed to do before they abruptly halted all visitors at 7:30 so they could try to get some much needed rest.

Baby A cried, hung his lip, tried to eat his fist, opened his eyes....did all that baby stuff and in the end, the deepness of the love I feel for this little one is indescribable. It's much different being on this side of things. He was born at 4:01pm, is 21 inches long, weighed in at 7lbs. 15 ozs., and all his fingers and toes are there.

Of course we did try to coerce our daughter into naming him Barack Hussein T. but she would have none of that. Naming him after his grandpa has been her priority since she discovered she was pregnant. Oddly enough, today marks exactly 9 months to the day since my father passed away....I was thinking, scary thing really......since my dad LOVED to poke fun at Pat so much about being a Republican that perhaps, somewhere out there, he is once again playing one of his jokes.....one of his great grandchildren was born on this very day, the swearing in of a Democrat and that laughter has been ringing in my ears all day today.......

Congratulations to my wonderful daughter and B for bringing such a blessing into our family! And Baby A? Welcome to the world.......it is you who will change our world forever!

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