Friday, January 23, 2009

And the little man speaks!

Ok, so it'll be baby blog for awhile, can't help it.....feels good to have a GRANDSON! LOL

I was sent this photo by 'baby's daddy' last night at about 1:00am. It's a proud moment for me....even if he's not my own child, he carries a part of me. I showed this pic off to all at work today and am very proud of it.

And I would like to add, there are some who have given us the business about his birth being on inauguration day...I mentioned that in my first post of him...I would like to point to this photo particularly and let you know what our little grandbaby has to say to all of you Democrats as well as those who find it funny that he was born on that historical day.....Baby A's response caught in action:

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