Wednesday, October 01, 2008

It's still just out of reach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So today I was given a gift by Patrick for our 20 year anniversary....the words I've been waiting for for the last 10-15 years. "Hey Hun, we've got the money, why don't you take some out and go get your mixer..." Well, one would think that I would be ecstatic about this since we NEVER just have money to blow on the mixer that I've said I want EVERY BIRTHDAY, EVERY ANNIVERSARY, AND EVERY CHRISTMAS. Well, I was so excited that I wasn't sure if I really wanted to spend that kind of money on a mixer...the kids need things, we need more groceries, we have bills to pay.....oh, have the green light was just too good to be true. Money for me to spend on something as frivolous as a mixer? Come-on.......It's usually spent on bills, bills and more bills! Such is the life of everyone and their neighbor though.

So, all that babbling is beside the point of this.

The mixer....THEE Kitchen Aid Mixer like mom has that I always LOVED to use. That's the one. And I found it CHEAPER THAN CHEAP at the outlet center just up the road from us. And when I say cheaper, I mean even cheaper than WalMart and it's got a handle on the bowl to boot and I CAN PICK WHAT COLOR I WANT! On a side note....I am purchasing it myself because I WANT TO PICK IT OUT.

Ok, so what 'just figures' is this. I go to the cash machine with stars in my eyes, the butterflies a-fluttering in my gut and a grin on my face. I mean really, the first meal I have planned is fried chicken with mashed potatoes WITHOUT lumps so my kids will stop picking on me...and that was what we were going to have tomorrow night for, notice I say WERE there. What a feeling to finally be so close to getting my dream mixer!!!!!! So, I get my cash, and continue along the truck bouncing with excitement because I'm just beside myself with joy.

I parked the truck, quickly got out with anticipation and turned and there they were in all their glory in the window. Black, white, pink......oh man they were calling my name! And much to my surprise there was a lady right there with a towel shining one of them up (and that's no lie) she knew I was coming. Oh, what luck! A shiny new mixer. I was all eyes on those mixers trying to find the exact one I wanted through the window nearly running into that store! Mind you, it was only about 4:30 in the afternoon so I had 3.5 hours to decide......oh, what excitement. I put my hand on that door handle and
pulled.............................................................the door didn't budge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I jumped and gasped out of my euphoric state to look at that door and much to my surprise the bolt was latched.

How could that be, why was that damn door locked?????????????????????????? S*#@ man, open up ladies, I need that mixer NOW! I didn't speak those words but they were right there ready to spew out of my mouth. I looked at the lady holding that mixer completely dumbfounded. I think I experienced a little shock actually.........I frantically looked around trying to find their hours thinking this was just some really cruel joke or something and there it was................................'WE WILL BE CLOSING AT 4:00PM FOR INVENTORY TODAY. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE.' Of all the days.....OMG!!!!!

Need I say more........I stood there for a few brief seconds and watched that woman put that mixer on the display of boxes. I just know my mouth was hanging open in disappointment....I just know that I was giving her a pathetic look to please just open that was then that I snapped out of it all and started to walk away with a slump in my shoulders.

I chuckled a chuckle of 'man, that's just my luck' as I walked to the other kitchen store as a last ditch effort to clutch one of those 'just out of reach' mixers in my such luck. I called Pat laughing..he was less than jolly about the situation because it's something he's really wanted to get for me for years. In fact, I think he was much more disappointed than I with this twist of fate. But tomorrow maybe I will have it. After all, it isn't our anniversary today but tomorrow.........

I cannot tell you how giddy I am with this only because it's just always how fate just wouldn't be worth it without a little bit of grief or disappointment now would it........

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