Sunday, October 05, 2008

Feeling a bit blue....

We're home.......why do things have to end?

Yes, we had a fantastic little vacation...relaxing, lazy, laid back, and fun. It's always so hard to come back to reality because those moments spent doing something completely out of the ordinary will soon just be but a memory. While I like memories and all, living in those moments ..... well, it's hard to describe but I'm sure many can relate.

Oh, I did get my mixer and made mashed potatoes. I want to just go mix something now that we're home again but MUST------DO-------HOMEWORK! Yeah, nice homework eh---sitting here writing a post. Hey, I've only been working on a 12 page accounting problem for the last 7 hours, give me a moment to savor the last few days and babble. And I have reason to celebrate!!!! I understood the accounting problem and it even balanced out! Woooohoooooo.......

Ok, this moment is chalked up in the short term memory banks. I do have to get back to the books now and catch up on a day that I missed....back to the old routine.

Thanks everyone for your well wishes and congrats. I will be back the future?

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