Friday, August 29, 2008

Complete lack of brains and morals and ethics and, and, and....GRRRRRRRR

"...what leads to their downfall is emotional immaturity."

"...have a poor concept of boundaries, so they don't recognize when they've crossed the line into inappropriate behavior..."

"...come from conflict-ridden families where they didn't learn healthy social skills..."

"...demoralized and feeling empty inside, and he was the one to whom she could turn her attention."

"I see her as a really hurting adult who needs help. I just hope she can get it."


Can anyone guess what these quotes are referring to? Blame something or someone else and take NO PERSONAL RESPONSIBLITY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will say no more about this as it will only be more yelling from me. Click 'here' and 'here' to find out what would spur these statements.......

**On a side note, I do hope that once everyone reads the link/s that they too will consider these lost souls to be 'victims' of their own magical thinking.

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