Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Apparently one only matters if they obstruct justice and lie to a grand jury

Of course politics are smeared all over the place these days. I've only skimmed things here and there and heard this or that or seen headlines in this place or that. The John Edwards thing of course caught my attention....how could a man do that to his wife who is dying of the cancer????? That is the million dollar question right?

Well, I found this article and it really is sad how the Democrats "stand by their own" in a time of need. While I don't know much about this family, I don't condone affairs, lies or any of that crap and Edwards is really a piece of work.....for the Dems to attack Elizabeth Edwards in such a way is so.....astounding! This woman is sick, is trying to protect her kids, is trying to grasp the reality of the public humiliation that a man she trusted, created, and so damn much more! I do pity her and wonder just how much emotion these dems have for the human race....they are vile I tell you!

I guess just being his wife, you might as well throw her to the wolves too since she's married to the cuss! What pieces of poop these people are!!!!!!

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