Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Just my own humble opinion on this

I've been keeping my lips sealed with all the going's on with the RNC in St. Paul this week, and especially the Sarah Palin smearing that has been all over the news. I guess you could say that while I shouldn't be all that shocked at the behavior of the far left leaning groups of haters out there, I am beside myself with both shock and awe.

Over the weekend I just sat here with ENDLESS tabs opened on our computer reading article after article about Sarah Palin actually being the grandmother of Trig and covering for her daughter. Vicious assholes out there who would bring the children of a politician into their nasty and vile rhetoric.

Don't think for a second I wasn't just fuming over all of the things that have been going on in this effed up world. Who would want democrats in office with their lunacy and their outrageous accusations???????? Reading in previous articles about arrests made in St. Paul of people who were armed with guns and bows and arrows and just today about a bus full of cub scouts that was stopped by protesters and shaken by them....Doesn't anyone see the craziness going on around them? Doesn't anyone stop and say......omg, what are we doing?????

For the feminists to be attacking Sarah Palin because she's not staying at home barefoot and pregnant....what a double standard that statement is. Feminist/admonishing her for not staying home to be with her family....DO THE MATH. Here's some advice for those who can't seem to see how dumb they really sound---Figure out your own hypocrisies with this, feminist pushers, who only want to push that ticket if the woman is Hilary.

I can only say that because of all the lunatic madness that's been surrounding the last few days it has more than made my voting decision for me. I would never associate myself with the evilness that is the left leaning crazies.


BUS ATTACK IN ST. PAUL!!... Anarchists Attack RNC Busses! (Video) ...Update: Cub Scouts Attacked!

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