Saturday, July 26, 2008

Unity and a soccer team that is out of this world

It's OVER! Well, for about a month anyway. I made it through this semester without quitting a single class and trust me, I wanted to quit many at many different times. My grades will probably only be average but I figure if I can manage a C average between all 4 classes than I accomplished something...we'll see about that though. Last week was the week from hell...exam after exam, report after brain is MUSH!!!!!!!!! Some will comment on that and give me some crap and say it's no different than usual and to that I will say...haha, I already know that.

In the midst of all my school work, there's been something else going on that I haven't had the time to post about. I may have mentioned it briefly in other posts but I have a few moments now so I'm going to gush a little.

Our 13 year old daughter and her soccer team will be playing at the State tournament this weekend. They have had what I feel is an almost perfect season and they have worked so hard. Their record is 10-0...UNDEFEATED. They are their district champions this year. Pat is beside himself with stress and nerves....he's their needless to say, I've about had it with his attitude let alone our daughters. But I do leave room for that, I'm not that horrible that I don't understand.

This season has been one of nerves for many of us...they played a tournament a few weeks ago and I was just a wreck. They won 3 games to go to the championship game only to get their butts kicked. They were pretty devastated by this because they're so used to winning but it was a good lesson for them. They needed that 'ego check' so to speak.

The parents of the other players are all a great group of people, supportive, helpful, and proud. It's been a strange year because most years the parents involvement over the last years has been less than desirable. Allowing their kids to skip practice, showing up late for games, having that I-don't-care attitude...this year it's something that Pat and I aren't used to. During that tournament, we had a group of parents organize and bring grills, meat, salads, and beverages and we had a huge picnic. Of course not all of the families participated but the majority did and it was a site to see. I stood outside of the crowd and just marveled at what was going on...never has this happened in all the 7 or 8 years Pat has coached. Unity...

Our daughter has really come out of her shell this year. The playing is getting much more aggressive with pushing, tripping, elbowing...cringe factor antics to say the least. Our girl has gotten the idea, she is aggressive, has even scored her first two goals in all her years of traveling soccer and is really into the sport. I couldn't be more proud of her even though my heart just aches for her and all her teammates when they have to go that extra mile out on the field no matter how tired they are. They work so very hard and give 110% each and every's a truly amazing year.

On that note, I must get ready to go now. They have their first game of State today and we have to be there early so Pat can check them in....While I wring my hands and wipe the sweat from my brow, I often wonder if these girls realize how very proud they have made each and every one of us.

Off we go.................................................

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