Saturday, July 26, 2008

A bunch of "thugs"

So, game one is over!!! And what a game! The reffing was pretty bad. I am not just saying that because it angered just me, parents all down the sideline on our side were flabbergasted by the amount of unfair calls against our girls. It was pathetic. One of our girls even got a yellow card for pushing. The ironic thing though is that when the ref gave her the card, she was getting up off the ground from being pushed by a girl from the other team.

Well, I bet you're wondering what the outcome was.....I'll get to that. No, just kidding. Our girls won the game 2-1!!!!! YEEEEHAW, one game down, two to go. It was hot and it's hard on the girls to play under those conditions but with all the horrible calls that were taking place I think they finally said 'screw this, we're gonna walk in and show this ref that we can win no matter how much he tries to bring us down.' and win they did and we are so damn proud of them!!!! Sorry for the bad word but my heart swells with pride for this team. They are little machines and they work their butts off. Part of it is is that they haven't lost a game all season in the regular season other than that one at the tournament but that one didn't count in the regular season standings. And I'm not sure if this is true but they have only allowed in less than 5 goals all year. It may even be less than 3 goals all season....I guess I have to ask the 'stat man' for that.

So tomorrow is another game. I'm a bundle of nerves, Pat, well.....he's cat fishing right now in an all night tournament...he may very well have just needed to get away from what he knows and step out into something with someone other than his wife and kids for the night and out of the whole soccer, wife doing homework, stress of home life mode. Being the coach's wife has it's moments where I just want to slap him silly but I always refrain and remain patient. Well, almost always but who is perfect anyway!!!! Geesh, gimme a break!

Anyway, I'm going to go cuddle with my beagle and watch Antwone Fisher...never seen it and have barely heard anything about it so I do hope it's worth the watch....I will update tomorrow's game and you know what?

It feels great to be able to write on this silly little blog really does.

Hey wait, I forgot to explain the title of this post. At the end of the game, it's customary for the coaches to 'pat each other on the back' and say 'nice game'. Well, on the way home Pat asked me if I heard what the other teams' assistant coach had said when they shook hands. No I hadn't. Much to my surprise, this nimrod went up to him, grabbed his hand and said, "Congratulations! Your team is a bunch of thugs!" This is a STATE tournament where one would think that all are on their best behavior, ESPECIALLY the coaches! Pat told me that and I ranted for much of the drive home.

I guess in the end, when the other teams girls were the ones openly pushing, tripping and purposely falling to the ground whenever one of our girls so much as touched them, it just goes to show that our girls are capable of winning based on skill...not on cheap shots, mysterious calls, and whining coaches who cannot even set a good example and lose graciously. My opinion, they should just be damn happy they made it to state.....but that's mho! Win or lose, our girls earn whatever they get and there's no room for acting in such a manner. I know, I sound terrible and like I'm gloating but when our girls are outplayed or playing a cheap game, they hear about it and they know that those kinds of things don't win a game. However, I can honestly say that never, ever, in all the years that Pat has coached soccer has he done something as un-sportsman like at that nor will he ever.

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