Friday, May 09, 2008

Pucker power

As you can see I added a picture to my blog. It was necessary...opening fishing is tomorrow and Pat and I and little 'Bug-Man' ( as my father so lovingly called our son) went out to test the waters and our gear. Seemed to be working great!

Little Bug-Man had to count all the fish each of us caught....he caught 29, Pat caught 22, and I caught 32. These figures are about right considering that as soon as the line hit the water there would be a sun fish poking at it. Man were they eager! I caught a few more bass and a crappie too...I had a good night on the lake shore. And the weather was beautiful! I caught this little beauty within the first hour and right next to me was Pat catching one similar but smaller...HA HA!

But really, we have been just aching to go fishing for the last month. My desire increased over the last couple of weeks with all the stuff going on with my dad. Maybe because much of my childhood was spent up at a cabin on the weekends fishing with my brothers, my sister, my mom or my dad. Good memories that I have always cherished.

So anyway, the other picture is getting a little old. I hate getting my picture taken as it is so thought I would 'give the bass a fishy kiss'...that way Pat could snap the picture and I would be none the wiser. But ain't that fish cute????? (and no, we didn't keep him...that would be illegal)

Tomorrow we will be out on a boat fishing until after dark and we are so excited. I feel like a kid or something I'm so beside myself with anticipation. It's such a relaxing thing to do....

Anyway, it's late but wanted to get this post up. Much has been going on in life with school, soccer, work, meetings...ugh. Never any time for anything it seems but we manage to find the time to go relax on the shore and fish! It's simply heaven.........................................

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