Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Blah Days

So it's Wednesday. Been an unusually busy week. Or not. The kids started soccer this week. Two games in two nights. Both of our kids' teams won....yay! I didn't get to see our son play though, I had a test at school that I couldn't miss. Oh and our daughter sat out because she was sick too. So she didn't play but her team did great.

Things are just going lately. Been somewhat clingy and quiet. Of course it doesn't help that we have another stomach bug going around the house. Little 'bug-man' woke up vomiting last night, I nearly vomited too many times to count today. Just sick is all. Stomach cramps, nauseous, miserable.

I have finals next week. Looking very forward to a couple weeks off of 'thinking'. I don't recall ever being this committed to school. I love it but like with everything, the break will be so nice. I've had a lot of catching up to do in both my classes due to circumstances around here but think that after all is said and done I'm doing ok.

Pat and I are going fishing with a couple of friends of ours on Saturday. I am so excited about that I can hardly sit still. This Minnesota weather has been just outrageous these past few weeks and am wondering when exactly it is that I can plant my garden! Now it's starting to be the busy time of year for us too so finding the time to plant is getting a little difficult. I still have to plant some bulbs..I was going to do that a couple weeks ago but then with all the stuff with my dad, well, I just never did. I have a little pine tree to plant that I got on Earth Day for free. It's being planted in honor of my dad since he liked the outdoors so much. Just need to find time now.

Anyway, must go now. Have to look up some school stuff and get to bed so I feel better for work tomorrow. Take care all...

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