Saturday, May 10, 2008

Opening fishing today

Opening fishing today!!!!!! Yeehaw. While the weather was miserable, cold, rainy...and well, the fishing wasn't all that...the company was great and just being in a boat, on a lake holding a fishing was really worth it to come home feeling like an iceberg!

Ok, so we did catch a few fish. Not nearly the number we caught last night but today/tonight it was about quality not quantity. Sadly, my friend T didn't catch a single fish! I feel bad for her. Her hubby J caught a of which was a lunker! Of course it had to be a bass which are not legal to catch until much later in the season but WOW, what a huge fish.

While we thought it may have been 5 pounds, I think it may have been closer to 7 or 8 but what do I know except that that was one big bass! It made the one in my side bar picture look like a pee-wee!

Then there was Pat...he caught a few little ones and that was it. I felt bad for him too as he stood in that rain in nothing more then his street clothes and a jacket and toughed out that rain. (Dumb us forgot our rain ponchos in the garage but we made due...our friends let me cover my legs with a rain jacked they had which I was really grateful for) And it was a steady, persistent rain. One much like those that occur on camping trips. Another plus was J and T have a canopy on their boat which on a day like today is a lifesaver! Without that there probably wouldn't have been a fishing adventure.

Me, well, I didn't catch much either...a couple sun fish, a little bass...and another lunker. We estimated mine to be roughly 3 pounds but it very well could have been closer to 4 or 5. And again, it was big and lots of fun to pull that one in. WOW again. What fun. Pat took pics of both but they're on his work camera and our computer isn't set up for that..and besides, I don't know that it was even smart to post the one that I did with bass season not even open yet. But again, its not illegal if in fact you aren't deliberately trying to catch them.

All and all it was a lot of fun and Pat and I are so very thankful to them for inviting us out, once again for fishing opener! Of course it was when we got back to the boat launch that the chill set in. While it was cold out on the water between the rain and the cool air...the ride back to the dock with the anticipation of a warm van and a hot bath when we got home...well, it just made us more cold. Pat and I didn't even have the courtesy to hang out and shoot the breeze with J and T...hell, by that time I was shivering so much I could barely walk. I do hope they weren't offended...we were just very, very cold and all our clothes were soaked through. We were drawn to that running van that had been warming up inside for the previous 10 or so minutes. And warm it was.

We came home, took hot baths and thawed out as best we could. Now I sit here in three layers of clothes, wool socks and slippers and anticipate our next fishing adventure! What a great way to start the season this year. I guess you could say I'm addicted to the sport...until the next adventure.

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