Friday, March 21, 2008

Warning; A post that is dripping with sadness

Photo courtesy of the Star Tribune/contributed by the family

I refrained from posting on this story simply because it just broke my heart. However, a year later, I must note the loss because I feel for this family for all that they've been through.

Last summer, a little girl named Abigail Taylor experienced a horrible and tragic thing. While most kids and even parents wouldn't think twice about a swimming pool other than who could make the bigger splash, the story of Abigail will change that forever.

I cannot discuss this on my blog because the mere thought of the pain this girl must have experienced is beyond any words and I cannot imagine the horror the parents must have felt when they discovered what happened; even writing what I am now is difficult because it's not really something a parent wants to even imagine...writing about it brings that memory back and it makes my heart hurt. And that it ended her life's a tragedy that a parent or a child of 6 should not ever have to experience.

But this family did and for that I can only hang my head and write about my sadness for them, for their baby girl, for them, for those who loved her.

My thoughts are with you and I only wish that the clock could be turned back to a new day.....

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