Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just wanted to share--Pt. 2

My friend T left a GREAT comment in the comment section of "Just wanted to Share". It reminded me of a story I have to tell about a trip that Pat and I took to Menards and will be somewhat of an extension to the previous post.

For those of you that hover around my age, and perhaps you remember the ride on toy called the Big Wheel? A really fun toy that I always wanted as a kid, with the hand break, the adjustable seat, and just all around 'cool' to have.

My brother who's away in Kosovo actually gave us was an original Big Wheel from when his son was a boy. Him and his wife gave us that YEARS ago and it was used incessantly by my own kids as well as the daycare kids. I couldn't tell you how many times that thing was ridden down the hill in our back yard, into trees, into the swing set, knocked down another seemed that it was indestructible. By the time we finally parted with it, just a few years ago, it was in pretty rough shape...the rear 'axle' was toast and whenever one would sit on it, one half of it sat lower then the other. It was an amazing gift.

So, wanting to extend that joy to our son and also to the girls, Pat and I went on a hunt to purchase a new one. But as many parents know, toys are just cheap as all get out when it comes to durability and trying to find one that will endure the beating that children will give it is near impossible.

So I was on a mission, a mission that lasted for a couple years in search of just the perfect Big Wheel for our kids that would withstand endless runs down that back hill of ours...but my search was turning up empty. All the ones that I did find were just that hard plastic, little, over priced, just not suitable for what my kids would put it through.

During that search though, Pat and I were at Menards. We were there for something completely different but it dawned on me that we should check there. Well, we walked and searched and stopped and tried to think just where in that store a Big Wheel might be found.

Finally, frustrated and in a hurry, I stopped a guy. He must have been maybe 18 or 19 years old. I said 'Excuse me, but do you know if you have Big Wheels'. The kid kind of gave me a strange look and said, "Yes we do".

Oh, imagine my excitement. Being Menards and all perhaps they would have something a little more worthy of the abuse that my kids would inflict upon it.

So, the kid said, "Follow me", and we did.

He led us on a maze and I started to wonder where he was taking us...

Much to our surprise, he led us to an aisle that had big wheels and said, "These are the biggest wheels we have".

I guess if I were looking for a wheelbarrow tire or the tire for a small lawn tractor this wouldn't cause Pat and I to laugh every time we talk about it.

In the end, we thanked the young man for his assistance, explained that we weren't actually looking for a 'big wheel' and tried to explain what it was were were talking about while trying very hard not to laugh. The kid kind of looked at us after we told him and walked away.

And as the previous post says:


Thanks for the reminder T.

On a side note: I did settle for a big wheel although, it's just not the same. I waited for it to go on clearance for $15 marked down from $30....the kids never did touch it....there will never be another Big Wheel like those that once existed.

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