Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What a damn disgrace

I was within a mile from this school today and Pat asked if the media was crawling all over the place. I had no idea what he was talking about but soon found out. He briefed me on the phone about Forest Lake High School's refusal to allow the Vet's for Freedom to make a stop at the school today because of 'political' reasons. The Afghan and Iraq Vet's were told to hold their forum at the local VFW from what I understand.

I find it very amusing how a person from Africa can come to the public schools and talk about their lives and their struggles, or how an author can come to a public school and discuss how they came to be an author and how Pat was just at 2 local schools last week discussing his job as a journalist. NO ONE screamed about any of this stuff, it's all in a day's work and learning about the various opportunities that are out in this world or the various struggles...Hell, one of my kid's teachers discusses her PRIVATE life in class with the students during class time because it's that kind of class where kids can open up and reveal inner secrets, fears, revelations or whatever. And get this, it's not to leave the classroom......

But God forbid, you bring a soldier to the spot light and all hell breaks loose and all these stipulations are laid down and people of 'authority' cave in because they don't want to ruffle anyone's feathers or raise the roof and cause a controversy or heaven forbid.....egads, a protest!!!!!

Are soldiers not human beings? Isn't it a career choice for these young men and women? Shouldn't they also be allowed to discuss what is involved in their everyday life? War is life, this life is about a friggin' war and it's one that we battle every day as civilians and we discuss it FREELY amongst our friends and others. Why do people insist on stifling the mouths of soldiers, those who actually may need our support, our ear in order to heal from the things they have seen at the young ages that they have! Shame on you people!!!!!!!!

Forest Lake High School Principal Massey is a disgrace to this country and I am sad to reveal that he lurks only miles from my presence. And the worst part of it? The organizer of the Vets For Freedom is a former student of this high school...what a slap in the face!

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