Friday, March 07, 2008

I beg you man, come forward!!!!

Remember the road rage incident I wrote about???? Well, get this...the woman made it up. What a first class, a-one, no conscience, selfish twit and I do hope this man now comes forward so she can feel the humility and the embarrassment that this man must have felt due to her making him look like some sort of a monster.

Using her cell phone while making a u-turn in front of truck, with a man a woman and two kids forcing that truck to swerve into the grassy median so he could avoid hitting her. Then the NERVE of her following him back to his truck to argue with him after he yelled at her for doing this ... who in fact had the right to yell in this instance??? Thank God this man was paying attention and was a good enough driver to avoid rolling in his truck or she would have hell to pay.

Why can people just not be HONEST in this world??? And the mention of her being on some pretty serious pain, isn't there warnings on any of those types of medication that you SHOULD NOT DRIVE? Or to her benefit, maybe she was given that BEFORE the cops talked to her.

No matter, this woman is a heartless lying uncaring human being and I really hope that the man and his family come forward to seek the justice that they really deserve. My apologies to this man for believing that he was in the wrong.

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