Friday, February 29, 2008

Road rage at it's best

I read this article this morning with my jaw hanging open. I've said too many times how I hate driving in the snow or how I cannot stand drivers that ride my bumper and how I tend to go even slower just because they piss me off. I guess you could say I'm a law abiding citizen when it comes to driving and very wary of other drivers.

While I don't find what this woman did to be the brightest idea...pulling over and proceeding to try to follow this man back to his vehicle... what this jerk did was simply uncalled for and it's really too bad that he got away.

Another thing...not too long ago I read another article about numerous fender benders due to snow covered roads. What stuck out in all of this was a comment by the police. It really wasn't a horrible snow fall that day, just enough to make the roads a little iffy and a need for some caution. It was the comment made by the cops..."people need to just SLOW down". How very true and if only...

When the roads are slippery out where we live, I drive slower...I have rear wheel drive and it makes for some interesting driving. What makes it horrible to drive in though is those vehicles that are 2 feet off my bumper, those vehicles that think they are invincible and can conquer anything...and I know it's those who drive the vehicles. That's just a no-brainer. But what I don't understand is the tailgating! If there is one peeve I have about driving it's those who insist on driving right up the arse of the vehicle in front of them no matter how fast or slow that vehicle is going. I could be going 70 down the road and it's still not fast enough... this article about road rage in Minnesota. It's just unbelievable....

Star Tribune article courtesy of Southern Canadian: (I couldn't get into the actual article but found this site which appears to have posted it in it's entirety.)

On a side note, I don't frequent this site, it's a little vulgar for me (umm, yeah, i swear and all but do try to keep it to a minimum when writing on the internet)...but all the same, they posted the article with a link to it as well.

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