Friday, March 07, 2008

Wash the cobwebs from her brains

Man, what is it with some parents??? Spraying your child with a pressure washer to 'calm them' down. I think I would make a really bad social worker and find myself up on charges for parent abuse. But does that mean that when I've had water fights with my own kids with the water hose that I would be just as bad as this woman???? Mine would have been in fun, this is in the form of some unusual type of discipline....

We had a toddler that loved to throw tantrums...and when I say loved, I mean LOVED! Tom knows...he was here for many of them [**what fond memories they are now that they're over**] She was quite the handful as a wee one. What did we do???? Well, it was a long time ago but we just made sure she was in a place where she couldn't hurt herself and let her go. When she realized we weren't paying attention to her, well, she would eventually stop, or fall asleep, or come out of her 'area' with a toy and want to play...weird really how those tantrums work. Of course her tantrums weren't always in our home...stores, doctors offices, or best ever, an airplane.

I had this experience on an airplane if you recall, the blood curdling, ear piercing, kicking and screaming, a 9 hour flight to France...hey, I have to finish that up don't I...sorry Christy. :(

But anyway, this was a tactic that we were told to use by her pediatrician...let her scream it out. Well, on an airplane full of people glaring at you wondering why you don't shut that child wasn't easy but there was nothing I could do to help her. In fact, the more I interfered the louder she would scream. So I left her to her tantrum, which lasted what seemed like the entire flight until she had finally screamed herself to sleep.

I know that screaming children are hard to deal with but it can be done without the use of a pressure washer or any other physical type of action. Just what are people thinking, are they not looking at what they're doing and wondering how they would like that? I just don't get it, how people can have so very little knowledge that they wouldn't think.

While the title of the article seems appalling, after watching the video and realizing that this woman did in fact report herself as being in this video...I would think that she needs some help in learning how to deal with a 2 1/2 year old who's prone to fits. Is what she did abuse? It very well could be but if you look at all the people who have water hose fights with their that a form of abuse as well? Water balloons? Super Soaker fights with super high pressure action?

I certainly am not condoning what she did to this little girl and would never do what she did, in fact I went to the pediatrician and sought help with the problem but that is just me. The little girl wasn't hurt but will probably have a fear of water in the end which is too bad but at the same time...

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