Saturday, October 20, 2007

If they wore civilian clothes, then what?

The anti-war mongers really need to learn to decipher humaneness from issue! You know, the war vs. human life, human sacrifice, the act of selflessness.

I certainly hope that whoever made the decision to remove these photos re-thinks their decision.

Troops are part of the government, why shouldn't their photos be posted in the post office? Oh, because their job isn't 'directly' related to the postal service. Only special people qualify for that honor. After all, postal workers are the only people who work through rain, shine, hell and high water right?

When will it be illegal for some joe-schmoo down the road to have a photo of their soldier placed on their desk at work? When will it be too pro war to have photos of our loved ones who protect the a**es of these morons who go around spewing their anti-war rhetoric, in our wallets?

Perhaps I'm a little too peeved over this but if my brother or my daughter had their pictures hung there, simply to honor them as brave human beings, and then suddenly they were removed for no reason, you can bet your butt that I would be banging down the doors of congress, screaming at the governor and whoever else I could to make it a point that one person's feelings about an issue shouldn't out weigh the millions of people who give a damn for human kind.

In the end, who the hell cares what pictures are posted in the post office. If they aren't pornographic or pictures of aborted babies, who has a problem but some whiner who has nothing better to do then stir the pot and make trouble.

These are just pictures...what would happen if someone created a stamp of the hundreds of thousands of soldiers...would they need to be removed from the post office then? Too offensive? Too pro war?

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