Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The European Way

Children are naturally curious, they have questions, they explore, they are human.

HOWEVER, what mentality is it that advocates for 'sexplay' in kindergarten?

When did it become a negative to TEACH children when it's appropriate and how to sexually conduct themselves when their curiosity gets the best of them?

How is it that allowing children to engage in the exploration of their sexuality will NOT lead to more young boys being labeled sex offenders at the ripe old age of 6 for touching a little girl on the butt? Well, perhaps a little girl will be labeled but what are the odds?

If it's considered negative to 'discipline' a young child for inappropriate sexual exploration, where is that line then drawn as these children get older?

And what of the child that isn't comfortable with 'sexual exploration'? Will that child then be reprimanded and ostracized from the more 'sexually conscious' child and deemed a freak? Will their parent's be tagged as neglectful? Abusive?

If a boy smacks a girl on the butt in the hallway, should he not just be said to be 'exploring' his sexual curiosity instead of put on trial, tagged with a sexual harassment file, and labeled for life ?

Thank God my kids are growing up, although I do find myself telling them NOT to have children because of what this world is teaching today's children.

And Thank God I don't live in Norway!!!!!!

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