Sunday, September 16, 2007

Baggy butts should be a thing of the past

Well it's about time! This 'fashion' trend is long overdue for some solutions!

Personally, in my own opinion, I find the baggy butts on males disgusting! Sorry boys but if your drawers are hanging out I usually have to turn and run the other way for fear I might scream at you to pull up your pants! And this goes for the women I see out there as well. Granted your pants might be tight but if you drop something and have to stoop down to pick it up, well, the last thing I wanna see is your butt crack or your g-string!

I have those low rider jeans and they are extremely comfy however, a little self respect in public is in order when I wear them...a longer shirt or a jacket that I'm sure will cover my bum. Maybe I'm just too chicken to show off whatever might be there but I cannot grasp the thinking involved with baring it all or nearly all.

And this article was actually pretty good up until I got to the end where it became about targeting young black males...Ummmm, I have seen and even know a few males who are nearly tripping on the waistbands of their jeans who are not black, who are white as the day is bright.

From what I understood in the majority of the article, it was about a general population of these baggy pants that sway down to the knees. Not about a particular race. Geez, can people ever just give it a rest and stop looking for ways to gain sympathy or a few bucks in a lawsuit that will probably most likely occur because people feel 'slighted'.

Ho hum, life is so lovely.....perhaps it's a good thing I haven't been keeping up with the news. Finding stuff like this just makes me ill.....

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