Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A very familiar bridge collapses!

While standing in a gymnasium full of soccer kids because of rain, (it was picture night) we learned of a horrific event that took place right around rush hour in the Cities...roughly 45 minutes away.

This bridge is a main vein for MANY and dare I say...all who want to get to work, get to the dome for that Twins game that's scheduled for tonight, or hit Minneapolis for whatever reason.

A bridge that we've traveled on numerous times is nothing but rubble! Un-friggin' believable and shocking to say the least. And I was angry because I couldn't get through to my daughter shortly, unbeknownst to me, after the bridge had collapsed, to let her know to stay at work until she called me. There was a thunderstorm moving through and I didn't want her getting stuck riding her bike those 5 miles home. The call could not be completed, her phone was disconnected, all circuits were busy. Little did I know that there was something much bigger than some pittly little thunderstorm going on...kind of makes a person feel selfish.

Standing there listening to broken stories about what was going on was horrible and frankly, kind of one of those unbelievable things that only happen in the movies. It was small potatoes and hadn't sunk in until I absently started calling everyone in my contact list on my cell phone and asking them if they were all didn't strike me really what I was doing until mid-way through the list. Then I was frantically dialing numbers and many times getting the 'all circuits are busy' due to all the buzz on the lines which made me more frantic.

Most of our family and all of our friends live very near there and all of them are safe Thank God! However, our friend Boz we are awaiting a call from....needless to say, I won't stop worrying until we hear from him.

What I know from various stories is that the whole bridge just collapsed. It was single lane due to repaving going on. Construction crews were on the bridge at the time, a school bus full of 60 students was on the bridge and all the kids are ok, emergency crews have been summoned from all around the Cities and word is now that they don't need anymore assistance, maybe 50 cars in the Mississippi....Bizarre, disturbing, scary, and very sad.

Our friend Boz FINALLY called...if you're reading this Boz----you're on my list! All you do is make me worry!!!!LOL To all I called I just want you to know that each time another picked up the phone the relief in my heart was eased immensely, and I'm really glad that you're all safely at home. **hugs** to you all.

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