Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The lifeguards did it!

This post seems like deja-vu to me but oh well....probably is.

A 5-year old boy, his mother and father, another sibling as well as another family of 4 went to the beach, TOGETHER, yesterday. This beach has 3 lifeguards on duty. Anyway, the tragic ending to this is that the 5-year old boy drowned...and who do you think the local news station is blaming for this? ..... times up.....the lifeguards.

No matter that the beach was packed like sardines in a tin due to the 90+ degree heat. Apparently, these lifeguards were only responsible for this particular boy, he was their charge so the parents could enjoy themselves.

Yes, it is tragic when this sort of thing happens but it's even more of a tragedy when the parents are NOT PAYING ATTENTION AND THEN HAVE TO BLAME THE LIFEGUARDS!!!!

Even when I was a kid and went to the beach, I NEVER assumed my safety was in the hands of the lifeguards! Never. And as I probably said in the post from whenever...I never assume that a lifeguard is the sole guardian of my children when we go to the beach!

I am so damn tired of the parents being the victims in situations like's/dad's who murder their kids and then instead of looking at the death of this child as a a horrific tragedy, the focus is on the parent, and what a horrible background they have...oh, I'm ranting and something terrible happened in the Cities.....Read the links.....

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compared to THIS:

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