Thursday, August 02, 2007

The next morning

**Video of the bridge collapsing

Well, it wasn't a nightmare, it did happen. And the work begins! What a mess. Blanked Out, a blog that my hubby frequents lives right next to the bridge...he has first hand info for those who would like to read....also at this link there are numerous photos taken by him.

I am including links to our local newspapers for those who would like to keep updated that way, for me to update would be a minute by minute thing. Our local channels are still full of footage, the death toll has been reduced to 4 with more expected throughout the day...this is so surreal.

At the Pioneer Press, there's a lot of stories and audio...check them out.

The Star Tribune has more, photos....

There are stories all over the place. What's really strange is watching other news FOX news and listening to them talk about this...they don't have a clue how critical this highway is and the questions they ask, well, they're elementary to me or Pat but ultimately... living here and hearing other states talk about it is just strange.

Of course if you go to Pat's site, he's found those who are already blaming Bush and Pawlenty for this catastrophe. Funny too because shortly before he got on the computer, I said, "It's Bush's fault! It's a conspiracy! Bush planted a bomb under that bridge!" Sure enough, on those left wing sites that's what you'll find! Check out Pat's for some of those lovely comments that he found. It must really be a lonely, morbid life to hate someone so much!

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