Monday, August 06, 2007

This just isn't right!

Again, an example of how the American people must cater to the minorities! Losing your job because you don't speak Spanish, or being demoted.

Fire Crew Bosses Who Can't Speak Spanish Can Lose Jobs

Why is it that the immigrants come to this country but they don't have to learn to speak English? Why are people like you and me being ousted because we don't speak with a foreign tongue? Let's all go to Mexico or Europe and force them to speak our language or else! This is absolutely crazy!

I understand a language barrier in the field of firefighting, they should all be able to understand directions. But to what extent? How can they hire NON-ENGLISH speaking employees and fire those who are born and bred in America? I just don't get it?

I don't think it's right, I don't think it's fair, and I certainly don't think that this country should have to bend the rules to cater in this respect! Give all the jobs to the immigrants and let them have this country for pete's sake. Just put us all out on the streets and fergeddabout us!

I read another article of a man who has to move his business because he's living in an area where most everyone speaks Spanish. He's being booted for that reason according to some but ultimately, the landlord of the building wants the immigrants to work and rent the property. He wants the English speaking guy out. I don't know the circumstances of that letter from the landlord or the history of this renter as it says he was late on his rent among other things but it's what the landlord said in the article that makes one wonder.

A quote from the landlord:
"Mexican people come in, you know they're going to stay. You know they're going to pay the rent," Munroe said."
Geoff Oldfather: English-speaker says landlord's message is clear

Where does America's loyalty lie these days?

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Ed Kohler said...

"Off the wall mentality" seems like an appropriate tag for that rant.