Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Double Whammy

Most would feel sympathy for this couple who plunged into the river the day of the bridge collapse. While the mother swam to the surface to save herself, she saw her daughter's blanket floating not too far away.

When they went down, they were on their way to Children's Hospital to visit the woman's 2-year old daughter who was in critical condition from a 'fall down the stairs'. Brain injuries, a burn on the leg, human bite marks, bruises we're all part of the condition of the little girl. According to the reports in the paper anyway.

Survivor of 35W bridge suspected of child abuse

Wisconsin bridge collapse survivor lands in county jail--umm, I didn't know a bridge collapsed in Wisconsin...an obvious typo that's quite critical if you ask me.

If this is a witch hunt because this guy has a record, shame on them but if in fact this man hurt this little girl, perhaps he was meant to go down that day on the bridge. And if the woman is covering for him or was involved, she too was meant the same fate.

What goes around comes around and eventually gets you! I feel most for the family of these people having to deal with this little girl near death and then the bridge falling. Things happen for a reason, they don't know if this little girl will live or not.

I have much to say but it's that nasty and mean bone in me that is screaming. I will leave it at this and move on in my day and pray for the little girl and the extended family who must deal with this!

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