Sunday, August 05, 2007

Is it possible, the surge might be making a small difference?

Funny when things seem to be going well in Iraq, there really isn't much news about it. Like that comment from construction workers being buried in that article about the bridge getting more wobbly, I found this buried at the bottom of the 'opinion' section of the paper.

Pat and I were JUST discussing the war, the surge, and progress, etc...the other day while on his way to work. (we're down to one vehicle and I needed it for errands so I got to ride with him, what a nice drive it was too). Anyway, we were talking about how the dems are mum with this war now, how casualties were down last month, that maybe there is a light shining....but it's still early and honestly, it's just really nice to hear something positive...whether or not it comes from the news is a whole other story.

Clifford D. May: Some don't want to hear good news about Iraq

This guy, Clifford D. May has a great sense of least one that I enjoy and delivered a well written article about some of the news that we don't often hear about and the reaction of a Democrat in Kansas...too funny. Read it and enjoy.

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