Friday, August 03, 2007

This is boy scouts?

Boy scouts...when I think of that I think of camping, campfires, roughing it, hunting, bow and arrows. Never, in my wildest dreams did I ever think about veggie burgers or no campfires or salads. I really wanted to put my son in boy scouts but with all the things going on, there was that trust issue with me. And him being my only son, I don't let go too easily with him.

But back to this..

Scouts banned from eating burgers and bangers - because of religious beliefs

I don't have a problem respecting other people's religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or whether they want to breastfeed their babies. What I do have a problem with is how because 5 people out of 25, for example, who don't believe in eating meat, the WHOLE group must respect their beliefs and cater to them. That's where things start to make me angry.

Be a vegetarian, be a lutheran, be a homosexual, don't breastfeed your babies but by god respect that I don't agree with how you do things and move on. Why must we all be choked with the claws of those who have different beliefs? Why must we all put aside our own beliefs, likes and dislikes for the sake of those out there who disagree? Why couldn't they include meat for those boys who don't have religious beliefs? Why just for those vegetarians?

The scales are so tipped these days, there's no such thing as coming together, agreeing to disagree, and accepting that we are not all the same people!

I guess in the end, I'm really glad I don't have my boy in boy scouts. We take him out and show him how to rough it every other year and he does much of the same things that the scouts do. But it would be nice for him to learn about things with others his own age, to experience the wild outdoors with boys who are just as curious and rambunctious as's really just too bad the way this world is turning.

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