Thursday, August 02, 2007


As the day has gone on, it's really hard to not see this event all over the news or hear it on all the radio stations. It's difficult to turn the channel on tragedy, don't know why.

I'm sure all have scoured the internet by this time and found your own ways to get stories on this. I won't bother with many more links as it's exhausting and really sad to read article after article knowing that some of our friends had been near that bridge an hour...even one a minute before this occured. That 'what if' scenario has set in today for me, watching as rescue workers struggle to find ways in which to get to those cars trapped in the Mighty Mississippi.

That's such a dingy river...murky. And with the debris in the way, well, the currents have got to be strong. And the safety issues involved for the divers...ropes getting stuck on the debris...

Messes like this are overwhelming to watch, those who work heart goes out to you all and I'm praying for your safety.

The death toll has been reduced to 4 for now and their names have been released. My heart, tears and prayers go out to those who knew these people and the others missing.

From WCCO, a local station:

Those confirmed killed in the collapse are Julia Blackhawk, 32, of Savage, Minn.; Patrick Holmes, 36, of Mounds View, Minn.; Artemio Trinidad-Mena, 29, of Minneapolis; and Sherry Engebretsen, 60, of Shoreview, Minn.

Last night I told Pat that this feels like a mini-9/11. The feeling of it is that of an empty helpless feeling all over again. And I know, it's not 9/11...not even close. I was watching the news today and there was an interview with this one guy who said the same thing as I did.

Looking at the size of the rubble that's left compared to the men that are walking around...what a mess. And the River is making it very difficult for them to do much of anything.

Tomorrow is a new day, the impact of this will have turned into something a little different I'm sure. But for today...the reality is is that people have lost loved ones that haven't been found. Who knows if they'll be found with the current. They don't know yet how many cars are in the river.

Children being interviewed waiting word from their mother, victims being interviewed talking about being in the midst of it. A recording of a little 10-year old girl that was on the bus who called her mom bawling, screaming "MOMMA, MOMMA, PICK UP THE PHONE..." and the news station didn't turn it off early, they played the entire thing which is this poor little girl screaming much of the same.

My gut felt like a rock had been shoved down my throat! Yes, I could've turned off the channel but my finger just wouldn't move...what is it about tragedy that rivets a person to punish themselves into continuing to it guilt because you wish you were there instead of that poor child, is it awe, fasination? Just what is it?

This too shall pass, I know. But as with anything that's a tragedy, it takes awhile.

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