Friday, August 03, 2007

Another victim

Well, it came to our attention last night that in fact one of the victims I posted on last night was an acquaintance of Pat when him and his brother were younger.

Patrick Holmes, age 36 of Mounds View was married to his childhood sweetheart, with two children ages 4 and 6. His father was mine and Pat's dentist for quite a few years after we got married. Although we weren't friends with this man, the impact is no less shocking or sad. Each death that has been and will be announced will bring much sadness no matter how well you may know one or not.

Another victim, the driver of the semi, the one that was burning next to the bus was pulled from the wreckage last night. His name has been released as well.

Paul Eickstadt, 51, of Mounds View.

There's much more information on the 5 victims in this article.

More victims identified
**on a side note, the headline of this story is misleading, there was only one more victim recovered/identified. Too bad they cannot get it right!

Fifth victim of bridge collapse identified

The recovery efforts are slow but progressing. The divers were able to get to the 4 cars today but unable to get to the 5th one buried underneath that heap.

Authorities: Recovery efforts going better than expected

MNDot is most definately coming under fire. I certainly wouldn't want to be them at this time. Many many questions but ultimately, will there ever be an answer? Here's a few more links worth reading.

Fatal collapse of I-35W span casts doubt on U.S. bridge ratings

MnDOT feared cracking in bridge but opted against making repairs

After collapse, millions in legal claims likely

Authorities: Recovery efforts going better than expected

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