Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A little control is all it takes

Some might find this to be ridiculous while others might see some sense in it.

Police say pizza toss was assault

Drinking at little league games...is that normal? I don't know if it is or not, our kids don't play baseball and usually at our soccer tournaments there isn't anyone drinking. I guess, to me, why would you drink at a kids event like that? That's just me I guess.

But anyway, a mom throwing pizza at the umpire. Small potatoes right? Well, yes. There wasn't a knock-down drag out brawl that took place or anything, just a slice of pizza.

I guess my point with this is that these are little kids playing sports. They aren't making any money, they aren't pros, and it's certainly not worth it for the 'adults' to act worse then the children when the kids lose! That isn't really teaching the kids to be good sports and suck it up when they lose or get called out is it?

I've found myself upset many times with the calls in soccer games but not to the point where I want to lunge at them or throw things. Stupid calls are made even in pro sports, that's why they made those sponge bricks for people to throw at the tv.

I really, in my own opinion, think that the 'adults' take things way to far when it comes to sports and their kids. Charging this woman for throwing a slice of pizza I think is a valid charge. It's small things like a simple peice of pizza that could lead to much worse. And the worst part of this all is the kids who have to witness this behavior of their parents, who are the child of that parent...imagine the road that's been paved for these kids with parents who just cannot control themselves.

The slippery slope of observation seems to be the last thing on the minds of parents in these types of situations. And that's really sad. Adults are supposed to set examples but sometimes I see the kids setting better examples then the 'adults'. Makes me wonder just who is raising who sometimes.

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