Thursday, July 26, 2007

Screaming on the inside!

I've put up this picture because my thoughts on this are too angry to rant. Planting a seed for women, children, to look at every man as some sort of monster is how I see this. Yes, there are monsters out there lurking but for the record, they aren't all men! If I were a man, I would feel outrage, sadness, shame, like an outcast, scared to be a dad or a good uncle or a good brother. I would be afraid to walk within 2 feet of a child. This is ... ugh. I, as a woman, am so tired of this crap! Women complain because their husbands don't help out more with the can they when they are all being scrutinized for every little hug, caress, kiss?!

Glen Sacks has links to the ad and other things at his post about this. Click below.

Glenn Sacks
Radio Ad: If Dad Gives His Little Daughter a Bath and Puts Her to Bed, Call the Cops!

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