Monday, July 30, 2007

How many times will I read this same story with different characters

Why are people, who own boats and enjoy the recreational activities such as tubing, waterskiing, and other various things so surprised when one of their own drowns when falling off the tube or skis? Well, most would think that I'm being cold by saying this in such a way but if a person thinks they are "Expert" swimmers and 'it won't happen to them' then in my eyes, what idiots.

There are things that are called LIFEJACKETS when out in boats doing all that fun stuff. No one likes to wear life vests but I do when I'm in a boat simply because I just don't know what might happen. The boat traffic on lakes is nearly as bad as the traffic on the roads these days and you just never know who's not paying attention! Or when I'll lose my balance and accidently fall into the lake for some dumb reason. Or that HUGE fish on the other end of my line is so big it pulls me into the lake and takes me for a ride.

Perhaps it's because I'm one to err on the side of my safety, that I have 4 kids and a husband and I would like to live longer then I once thought. Perhaps it's because I just don't trust other boaters or because I'm a scaredy cat.

Just like the parent's leaving their kids in their cars with the windows rolled up on 90 degree days or snowmobiles falling through the ice in the winter, reading about boating accidents is a common thing in Minnesota...Maybe its because I sit here in the safety of my own home while reading these things and am just dumbstruck with the lack of common sense that is out there.

Either way, another, MAN OF 35-YEARS, dies while enjoying a beautiful day on the lake...

Man presumed drowned after falling off tube behind boat

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