Saturday, July 28, 2007


This is really really sad and just takes my breath away listening to the footage. It's taken me forever to download all the video and it's like getting a big punch in the gut when I see it.

The blond reporter for Channel 15 has no idea why the feed cut out. None. And us knowing why-- Don Hooper with FoxNews skychopper,'s amazing he was able to land that chopper after listening to him. It's a reaction that reminds me of the day I saw that boy get hit by a car...shock, frantic, did that really just happen...ugh.

My thoughts and prayers are with all their families and friends. This is just a horrible tragedy!

*On a side note, a sherriff has mentioned that the man who caused this chase could be held responsible for the deaths of these newsmen. Unfortunate and tragic but the risk in the media is at your own discretion. The idiot who decided to run from the cops didn't tell those reporters to chase the scene in a helicopter. Sorry, I sound cold and heartless but this sort of thing is a fine line, and the first reaction is to charge this dumbs*** with murder because there must be someone to blame but logically, I can't agree with that.

ABC15 news article

ABC15 reporting on the chase right before the crash....disturbing footage (VIDEO)

Don Hooper with FoxNews who witnessed the collision...his reaction...lets just say it was hard for me to breathe. (VIDEO)

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