Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Beautiful does not equal suitable!

What is it about outer beauty that skews the image of what might lurk inside? Why do people see a beautiful house and just rule out that there might be horrible things going on inside of it? Why do people see a beautiful person and believe that person is a good human being when inside they're selfish, and ugly as sin?

This woman is what lurked inside this beautiful house. And she did some ugly, ugly things.

Is this what adoption is all about? Walking dollar signs that get tied to each other while the supposed 'parents' are enjoying all their 'hard work'?

And who is it exactly that allowed this woman to adopt these ki...oops, I mean 'dollar signs'? Do those who adopt out also get a commission when they off load a burden?

Read for yourself cuz I'm mad as a wet hen about this! It's bad enough that people kill their kids but doing this while the children suffer endlessly is unforgiveable and this woman could stand to....I will not even say what's on my mind!

Cops Find 9 Adopted Kids Handcuffed, Starved
Mother Held After Children Are Discovered Inside Woman's Lavish Florida Home

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