Monday, May 07, 2007

What goes on behind their backs

Have you ever had a moment in life where you feel like the odds are always against you no matter what? That there's some force out there that's working so completely against you and you can't do a damn thing about it?

Perhaps this will trigger that in you because I know it's certainly made me feel that way!

Deployed Troops Battle for Custody

It's not bad enough that these men and women fight for our asses in some other country to help to keep us safe but then they come home to what might be some sort of normalacy for awhile only to discover that they have to fight for something else! Their parental rights. And on our own damn soil.

Sorry for my mouth but this article has me really upset! I guess it's one way to scare people from enlisting, to make people hate our government therefore why work for it. Its one way to learn to mistrust those things that should be protected when one goes over to fight for the damn U. S. of A.

And to those out there who are the exes of those in the military uniform who would be so selfish, cold hearted, and uncaring? To you I send a big F-U!

These are my words, this is my vent, this is how I look at this:

I can't live with my mommy or daddy because he/she left me to fight for my freedom, my rights. He/She left me because he/she was so selfish that he/she had to go risk his/her life and dared to try to be a hero! What a horrible example that hero is in my life. That is not in my best interest therefore I should live with the person who is sitting here enjoying those freedoms at the possible expense of the life of my mommy/daddy's life. I will learn to take for granted all that my mommy/daddy fought for because that is what is being told to me!

Please, if you give a damn about the rights of those who protect you and your own rights, go to this link and speak your peace! Legistlative Center

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