Tuesday, May 08, 2007

They didn't succeed this time....

Isn't this interesting.

6 Charged In Alleged N.J. Terror Plot

The ability to walk right into to the bases of our military should be stopped. Especially in a time of war. Thankfully, the FBI was on these guys like stink on doody!

But wait a minute, these people aren't evil, they're the epitome of peace. We have no right retaliating for what this religion of peace did on 9/11. They should just be allowed to walk around and kill Americans whenever they feel like it.

We shouldn't be stopping illegal aliens from invading this country. They only want to make a living and they help our economy. And besides, killing possilby hundreds of troops in one sweep would help our environment.

According to the FBI report, 3 of these guys are in America ILLEGALLY!!!!!!!!!!! And this should just be ignored.

Here's a couple of other links you can go to to read the FBI report and another story.

The Pizza Connection; Easy Access to Fort Dix

Fort Dix Terror Plot Foiled

These wankers want us dead people! Wake up! And you all know as well as I do there will be disappointed people that these terroristic murderers didn't succeed in killing innocent troops! Perhaps....PERHAPS, I'm wrong on that one but with the history of what's been going on in this country since this war began, why would I think any differently! Give me ONE good reason!

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