Monday, May 07, 2007

Stop this insanity, its getting nauseating!

This crap with the environment is really getting insane and out of hand.

We recycle, we do our best to conserve energy, we do our best to live clean and to pick up trash along the roads. Sadly, we must breathe though which is a problem.

Perhaps its time we have a "world suicide day" to appease the desires of the loonies out there who feel that this earth would be much better without any humans. I mean really, theres a national holiday for every other damn thing! I notice though that they don't include themselves in the equation, just children/large families and population.

Light bulbs being handed out at school full of mercury. We aren't going to use them, they're full of mercury. A chemical that's dangerous. Cheryl Crow and her crusade to get people to wipe with a single square of toilet paper--perhaps maybe a whopping three if you doody in the toilet. Or her creation of the button on napkin attached to a shirt so we don't have to use napkins. What about all the chemicals used to wash that handy little napkin. Or the electricity used to wash it?

Come on people, step up to the plate here and realize that the hype over this global warming crap is going way over the top. We might as well turn into China for God's sake and start killing all the baby boys since men are useless in this country anyway.

Oh, and they complain about this war? They should be jumping for joy, so many people are being killed!!!!!! That's definately helping the environment isn't it? Or maybe we should advocate for more whack jobs like Cho, the shooter at Virginia Tech.

Sorry folks. I don't focus on global warming all that much but it's a little difficult when I see articles such as these two below. People really need to stop smoking crack and meth and get back to reality here.

Children 'bad for planet'

Eco-Extremist Wants World Population to Drop below 1 Billion

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